21 OCT
Unparalleled Luxury Airbus A380
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Close your eyes for a second… Close your eyes and imagine a place where you dine on exquisite Gourmet cuisine… Imagine a place where you can indulge in a shower spa treatment… A place with unique modern design, where time slows down and you forget about all hustle and rush of the real world…

And now realize that this place is the biggest passenger plane the world has ever seen – Airbus A380. The plane that has changed the face of world aviation and has brought comfort and quietness to travelling by air.

So what exactly makes this plane so perfect, such an ideal place to once find yourself on?

The fact that this plane is the biggest passenger aircraft with seating capacity from 525 passengers (in a comfortable three-class configuration) up to 800 (in a single-class configuration) with its 18,5-inch wide seats in economy does not make it perfect, does it?

The fact that its cabin has a unique innovative design for the modern standard of comfort does not make it perfect either.
The fact that it is greener, quieter, cleaner and smarter than any other plane just puts it a little bit closer to perfection.
But, a set of all these features combined in one giant flying machine for the first time in the history makes A380 the best passenger aircraft ever constructed.

Airbus premium ticket
Inside Airbus A380

World chooses to fly Airbus A-380, why?

First, everyone gets a truly 5-star experience starting from the moment when you first see the giant machine up to the moment of landing as everything in this plane is created to make you feel like a fantasy has come true. The personnel is friendly and professional, the interior design at once makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and with a smooth and quiet flight you will not feel after-flight exhaustion as it usually happens during long-haul flights.

Secondly, special attention is paid to passenger comfort that is implemented by innovative technologies equipped on Airbus’ A380. Among the most noticeable advantages are foremost lightning systems and additional in-flight amenities such as separate spacious sitting and sleeping areas with a full-sized bed and bar/social areas.

Thirdly, this plane is more environment friendly as it burns 22% less fuel per seat than Boeing – 747, translating to 22% fewer CO2 emissions. Airbus Company also supports a very ambitious goal to cut the air transport industry’s CO2 emissions in half by 2050.

In the fourth, people choose A380 as it proposes the lowest seat mile costs in its class and that becomes a predetermining factor for those who fly frequently and a lot.

In the fifth, as of October 2014, A380 has been involved in no hull loss accidents with any fatalities and that adds one more point in its favor.

Airbus meal
Airbus meal

By the way, out of 6000 of passengers from 180 countries who took part in the quiz: “What the World says about A-380?” – No one said: – No, I will not fly A380 again. They named A380 the future of airspace, the new generation of aircraft and a real masterpiece of Airbus Company. They said the flight was not just amazing but it was also very quiet and the moment when the plane took off was a pure moment of Grace, Strength and Serenity.
This moment is definitely worth to be shared and it is hard to believe that any aircraft will be able to supersede Airbus A380 in the future.

P.S. Airbus A380 definitely meets the requirements of the most demanding passengers and if you fix your choice upon this plane, you will not regret it.
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