03 MAR
Flexibility on times and airlines gets you up to 50% discount on your preferred luxury flight
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Who doesn’t like to get to the airport later, go through a fast track at the security control, enjoy a coffee and a snack in a quiet lounge while reading the latest news but most of all fly in a comfortable seat with the best possible service, disembarking quicker and ultimately getting to your destination faster.

Whether it’s business, holiday, or visiting friends and relatives – business and first class flying has a great influence on the whole experience and results in having a better, relaxed mood. And yes, it’s a modern luxury.

We are big fans as the whole of PoshBerry is formed by a team of frequent travelers, who don’t like to spend thousands and thousands on each flight we book. We have come up with a solution, or several: we offer the best of luxury at the biggest possible discount we can find.

Our systems and brokers are tuned on the rarest flights on the market, and we will reserve and book them for you as soon as you come to us with a quote request and a confirmation for a preferred route.

Sometimes we will offer you simply the lowest retail ticket price available online, but more often we will offer you bigger discounts, at an average of 30% of the published fare we have tips that get to an astonishing 50% discount on business and first class tickets.

Our team is working hard to keep our systems tuned up to the best deals and to take care of each client personally and with great care.

We have been working as a private boutique service, just as a concierge, for the past several month and the return rate of our clients has been fabulous: 90% of who flew with us, rebooked for a next PoshBerry flight. And as the demand grew steadily we have decided to launch a public online booking service.

All we ask from our clients is a little flexibility while we are looking for the most comfortable and cheapest business or first class flight options, and we always deliver the best, cheapest tickets and a luxurious service.

Get ready to fly like a king, while paying like a commoner – with PoshBerry is possible and bulletproof.

PS. One of our clients has just booked a business class London – New York return for only 3’800 USD. Not bad, huh?