02 APR
Lufthansa first class: Customer Review
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Here’s what I just got in my email:

Flying from Frankfurt to New York using Lufthansa Airlines

I needed a last minute flight to New York to meet with a client. Poshberry was able to find me a flight on Lufthansa Airlines in First class in record time. Thanks to them, I arrived feeling refreshed and invigorated with not even a zest of stress.

Lufthansa knows how to treat their first class passengers the right way. From their lounge at Frankfurt Airport, where a personal assistant greeted me, to the First class cabin, where everything was set to the highest levels of comfort. The Flight attendants were there to help and cater to my every need. Whether you would like a Gin and Tonic served at just the right chill temperature (20°F), or a silk sleeping mask to enjoy your seven-hour beauty sleep, they can arrange anything.

Regardless of the aircraft you fly in, Lufthansa’s first class cabins are designed to perfection, and I was delighted once more. The dinning menu matches the likes of a 5 star restaurant and the desert selection added a few inches to my waistline, in good conscience.

Little secret… try to grab a flight on the A380, their First class cabin onboard is unparalleled.